All set for 台灣聖公會宣教六十週年 Taiwan Episcopal Church 60th Anniversary!

The T-shirts are ready, all 1,000 of them, YA!

The Taiwan Episcopal Church celebrates its 60th anniversary this year ~ the big celebration will be on Saturday April 26 in Taichung….

The T-shirts, with a specially designed logo in honor of the occasion and to be worn on the day are now ready ~ the logo designed by church members of Christ Church, Chung-Li, and the T-shirts made by our very own Tan Shirt Company.  The Tan family are church members here at Advent Church, and Marge Tan (our senior church warden) runs their cutting factory just up the road ….


So happens that we also have an English class there every Monday afternoon for the staff – and here they are yesterday, proudly displaying THE finished product, now all ready for distribution….


Watch this space for photos of the big day – and please pray for us and join us in thanksgiving to Almighty God for 60 years of the Taiwan Episcopal Church!

2 thoughts on “All set for 台灣聖公會宣教六十週年 Taiwan Episcopal Church 60th Anniversary!”

  1. Peace be with you! I am interested in buying a 60th Anniversary shirt. My Bishop bought me one and it is too small ( it was a 4L) I would like to buy a 6L if you have any! Please let me know if I can purchase one from you or where I can purchase one. Thank you for your help! Blessings, Canon Stephen Carpenter

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