St. John’s University 畢業典禮 2014 Graduation Day!

Saturday was THE big day!  Thousands of students, parents, gowns, mortar boards, VIPs, flowers, balloons, cameras, cars – and even dogs – all here for graduation….

Very hot and very humid, stamina needed!  Photos and photos and more photos.  Cameras and phones everywhere.  Smiles permanently fixed.  Click click click all day long.  More stamina needed than ever!

So nice to meet the parents of all these lovely students that we know.   Some students look just exactly like their parents, and some – well you’d never know they were even related!

Ha ha, the internet was buzzing all day with posts from SJU….

Congratulations to St. John’s University and all the students on their graduation ~ and wishing them all the best as they launch forth into the big wide world….

Come back and visit us often!

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