SJU 愛的團契佈道會 ~ 甦醒 special night!

And a special night it was! St. John’s University Student Fellowship holds a special night of outreach every semester, and last night was it ~ YEAH!


But just in case you’re none the wiser for reading the above poster advertising the event, the main attraction was one of our good friends from Keelung, Evan, who shared his testimony ~ starting with his year of study at the London College of Fashion, then at Vidal Sassoon School of Hairdressing in London, then back to Taiwan to open his own hair salon, oh yes and Shanghai too ~ with photos of his glamorous wife and famous friends, fast cars, high fashion and life in the fast lane – at which point he realized that something was missing and yes, found faith in Christ.  YES!  Through his new faith, he found himself volunteering to cut children’s hair in a orphanage ~ and finding fulfillment there, realized that all he had ever really wanted in life was his father’s approval and love, which led him to know his Heavenly Father deeper, and God’s love in Jesus – and so he found true satisfaction and contentment in his life – and his relationship with his family changed too….. well, that’s a short version of what he said!

And we also had a student dance group, worship, prayer, chaplain’s blessing and all followed by refreshments – sushi, tea and fruit…..

And nearly all the chairs were full, and lots of students came along, and everyone had a good night, and many were very moved ~ Evan’s testimony was certainly very powerful.

Praying for follow up ~ and please pray for the ongoing ministry of the chaplaincy and student fellowship ~ YES!

3 thoughts on “SJU 愛的團契佈道會 ~ 甦醒 special night!”

  1. Just read your account of the young man who gave his testimony at the fellowship meeting. What a difference Christ make when we accept him into our lives. Glad to hear you are soon back into the swing of activities. You lead a busy life. I have had two days in hospital since you left England but I am ok now. Take care and every blessing. Love from Lilian.


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