St. John’s University Student Fellowship 2015 Farewell Party 團契送舊!

The last full week of term and the last student fellowship gathering for this school year, and so farewell to a lovely group of students ~ we’ll definitely miss you all!


Some have been members of St. John’s University Student Fellowship for the last 4 years and graduated last weekend ~ and others have been here in Taiwan for a relatively short time and are returning home to Mainland China, so we said goodbye to them all on Thursday night in Advent Church….

The theme was Cosplay (literally “Costume Play” ~ meaning dressing up and pretending to be a fictional character, usually a sci-fi, comic book, or anime character) and we certainly had some costumes – and some attitudes – to go with them!

The sketches were hilarious, take-offs of the graduating students themselves, instantly recognizable and so funny!  A really great evening….


Please pray for our graduating students ~ for their lives, their faith, their futures, and for those returning home to Mainland China ~ for God’s blessing on them too!

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