Fugueijiao Lighthouse 富貴角燈塔 now open to the public!

Just 5 minutes on a bus up the road from here in Sanzhi 三芝 and then a 1 km walk, and there is the northern tip of Taiwan, and the famous Fugueijiao Lighthouse.  It’s round the promontory from the Fuji Fishing Harbour, and hidden behind the army camp, but the big news is that the lighthouse grounds are now open to the public.  All day every day except Mondays, and the whole world has turned up to check it all out!

The lighthouse was built in 1896 by the Japanese – the first one built by them after they arrived in Taiwan…. ‘n now the lighthouse keeper will never need to feel lonely again, certainly if the number of visitors on Saturday was anything to go by!

And do check out Fuji Fishing Harbour while you’re in the area, with its fishing boats and fish market and restaurants….

Y’know it’s quite fun living in a scenic area where tourists come to visit…. except that is, on Sunday afternoons when they all try to leave the area in their cars, and then it’s the world’s longest traffic jam ~ all the way to Taipei!

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