Sanzhi 三芝 Lions Health Walk

And quite an amazing event it turned out to be!

Every year the Lions Club of Sanzhi 三芝 runs a ‘health walk’ through the countryside for anybody and everybody, ending with a huge gathering for a lucky draw.  And so it was that by 6:45 am this morning, huge crowds had gathered at Sanzhi Junior High School for the start.  Me too! Met some people I knew, and a group of children who I didn’t, but they were so lovely, and we spent half the walk going through all the English vocabulary they knew ha ha!

And so off we set.  A nice cool day, bit of blue sky, mostly clouds, ideal for walking. We went down to the sea and round on the coastal boardwalk to a temple.  On the way we met a pigeon truck – there at the beach to release the pigeons at timed intervals for them to fly home.  Passed a big village mural.  We had bottles of water, tissues and finally breakfast meat rolls and drinks all distributed free of charge. And then to the lucky draw with over 50 bicycles, TVs, washing machines and a host of other things.  As it’s election season, candidates for election were all there to make 3-minute speeches and then to draw out lucky tickets.

The organizers said they were preparing 1,500 breakfasts. In the event, over 2,500 people turned up, which is well over 10% of the total Sanzhi population. Lucky draw was a great attraction. Children praying hard that they’d win something.  Me praying hard that I wouldn’t. Another washing machine, TV, bicycle is not going to add to my happiness one bit, so I was very relieved that I could leave for church at 9:30 am and hand my ticket to someone else. Hope they won something!

And the final photo above is an amazing hair design on the young man in front of me!

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