St. John’s University Coming of Age Ceremony (成年禮) 2015

Every year in mid-November, all the first-year students in St. John’s University take part in a Coming of Age Ceremony ~ which has been highly praised by the Ministry of Education.  It’s run by the SJU Chaplaincy and the Student Affairs section ~ and yesterday was the day!

Almost 1,000 students took part, plus their form tutors and heads of the different departments, all dressed in SJU ties and white shirts!  Parents and relatives were invited and they were presented with a small poinsettia plant to take home.  Everyone had a small taste of wine too, toasted to mark the students’ arrival in the big bad world of adulthood!

We had speeches and prayers and songs – the student fellowship formed a choir and sang, and many of them helped to run the whole event.  Two students from the guitar club performed too.  SJU President Chen gave a short speech, as did one of the alumni. Bishop Lai blessed the wine, and gave the closing blessing.

And in case you’re wondering who wonIMG_9314 the fashion award of the day – well it went to this student who was wearing a live seedling in a clip in his hair ~ this is big fashion in China, and on its way to becoming big fashion in Taiwan too ~ y’know it’s quite fun!

So a great day, a wonderful celebration for all concerned ~ and congratulations to all our first-year students on their coming of age!

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