SJU Christmas Charity Bazaar 聖約翰科技大學 聖誕義賣!

Our annual St. John’s University Christmas Charity Bazaar ~ on at lunchtime yesterday YEAH!  All run by the SJU Chaplaincy Team, Advent Church staff and church members, students past and present, supported by everyone ~ and all in a good cause.

This year the cause is St. Francis’ Care Home in Yilan 宜蘭聖方濟老人長期照護中心‬, run by the Daughters of Charity sisters, who are completely dedicated to serving the poor.  One of the sisters, Sr. Betty,  came here last week along with their administrator to share with us about their care home ministry – here they are, with Rev. Lennon Chang!IMG_1264

They’re hoping to raise NT$ 80 million to build a whole new 9-floor building complex, and even though they’ve only reached NT$ 20 million so far, they’re already going ahead in faith.  When the old building was declared unfit for use, they had no choice but to close it down and send the old people back home, but for some it was very difficult and they died soon afterwards.  So the sisters decided to try to raise the money for a new building ~ and we’re going there at the end of the month to present a cheque for the money we’ve raised….

Donations have been trickling in all month ~ after all it’s Christmas, and it’s also the end of the financial year, so everyone’s getting their accounts in order.  For our students and staff, the fundraising highlight is our bazaar, and all proceeds go to the same cause.  We’ve been collecting all sorts of jumble and odds and ends for sale, and many people have been busy buying and cooking, preparing food to sell for lunch today.  And we’ve all been busy buying books of tokens that could be exchanged for goodies ~ including coffee and lunch at the SJU coffee shop – YES!

And so, with the help of 20+ students past and present, church members and friends, we had a mammoth day – cold, cold, cold, but hey no rain ~ thanks be to God!

StIMG_1724ill time for more money to come rolling in, and we hope for great results!

And I was so happy that my former student Tom came to visit, he’s back on a short holiday from his job in Mainland China ~ here he is with his father in the middle of the bazaar!

And finally a group photo of all the students, chaplaincy staff and friends who kindly gave so much energy and time to help!


YES!  A great day ~ and thanks be to God for His many blessings!

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