Chinese New Year Celebrations @ St. John’s University 聖約翰科技大學 尾牙餐會 Wei-Ya Banquet!

Chinese New Year is coming, and coming soon ~ YEAH!  Our students have all gone home, the local schools have broken up for the holidays, and everyone’s getting ready!

Last night was our university Wei-Ya 尾牙, the end-of-year banquet for all our staff and faculty, plus VIP guests.  There was food – lots of deliciousness all packed together, lion dancing, singing and dancing shows from our students, and lots of gifts for the lucky names pulled out of a box – red envelopes, an exercise bike, huge teddy bears, and the top prize of an Apple iPhone 6 Plus …

And see that big pink teddy in one of the photos?   It’s currently been given by the winner to our SJU Chaplaincy…. groan groan ha ha – but our students will just love it, they’ll be taking photos, photos and more photos galore!

A great evening ~ and a chance to forget the miserable weather outside (and the even colder and wetter weather forecast for this weekend!), and to concentrate on the happier things of life like food, friends and fun ha ha ….. and so ~

A Happy New Year to you all!

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