Jian-guo Flower Market 建國花市, Taipei ~ THE place to go all this week!

Yes, it’s open all day every day all this week ~ the week leading up to Chinese New Year ~ and you just MUST go!

The Jian-guo Flower Market happens in the car park under the Jian-guo Overpass, not far from the Da-an Park in Taipei – normally it’s a car park during the week, and a flower market at the weekends (at the far end it stretches into the Jade Market), but this week, it’s open all day every day until 10pm.  Yesterday afternoon it was totally totally completely packed out full of people buying flowers of every kind for Chinese New Year. Plus a few other Chinese New Year decorations too.  Orchids and peonies, bonsai and pussy willow, cacti and hyacinths, narcissus and fuchsia, you name it, it’s all there!

I was there after the service at St. John’s Cathedral, along with Mrs. Aline Ma and her daughter Gabrielle, so that Mrs. Ma could buy some narcissus bulbs for the New Year. Mrs. Ma just has so much energy and enthusiasm, we were both trying hard to keep up with her ~ she is just AMAZING!

If you want some flowers, go!  If you don’t – and just want to look – go!  GO GO GO!

Well worth braving the crowds and cold and going to see ~ honest, it’s beautiful!

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