St. John’s University Dept of Creative Design 創意設計系 Graduating Students Design Exhibition!

Gotta go, gotta see!

Our 4th and final year students in the Dept of Creative Design have a special exhibition of their design projects ~ and they are AMAZING!

So much talent, so much creativity, so much skill!  The students have been working on these projects for the last year ~ and this is the result.

‘A-dan’ is a member of our student fellowship, her project is titled ‘1990’ and full of quirky designs and products, fun ways for today’s young people to remember their 90’s childhoods….


Another project – from a young man whose uncle is an SJU alumnus and a friend of our Chaplain Rev. Lennon Chang – a portable and very stylish cradle for a new baby….

A few others, including an a teapot that looks like a cannon gun, socks that look like sushi rolls, board games, a special chair, and an adapted bicycle for selling ice-cream – and yes, he gave me a free home-made sour plum ice-lolly!

And a portable baby chair / baby car seat / swivel device which has won an award for its designer, the young man on the left.  Ah yes, and a photo with the head of the department too!

Great exhibition, great students, great congratulations to them all ~ well done!

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