St. John’s University Student Fellowship 聖約翰愛的團契送舊晚會 2016 Farewell Party!

‘So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye’ ~ to all our lovely graduating students! Last night was their farewell party in Advent Church, organised by the SJU Student Fellowship group ~ YES!

We have 13 or so of our student fellowship graduating, and most of them came last night, the boys in suits, everyone very formally dressed.  One of our 4th year students, Yi-en, is currently in San Francisco on a student exchange program, so she participated via webcam, and as it was the early hours of the morning in California, she kind of laid there in bed watching us all and taking part!  Some of our former fellowship group, who graduated in years gone by, also came by to wish them well.

Tons of preparation involved from all the students and chaplaincy staff, they are all amazing!  The graduating students had prepared gifts of candles and bookmarks for us all, and we had a formal meal, speeches, performances, songs and prayers.  There were gifts for the graduating students too, and they all shared about their hopes and dreams, even their regrets ~ and then we had more sharing and prayers of blessing from our chaplain Rev. Lennon Chang all seated around the cross of candles.  All very moving and prayerful.

For the boys, most are off to the military for 4 months, but some will need to wait until they are summoned, so are working part-time or at temporary jobs in the meantime. For the girls, one is going on for further studies in southern Taiwan, and the others are starting work, or looking for a job.  A new adventure awaits them all, please pray for them!

And as always, a group photo of everyone, including our lovely Yi-en in San Francisco!


And now we look forward to graduation tomorrow, it’s all go go go ~ YES YES YES!

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