Congratulations 何睿恩牧師 Joseph and 何師母 Angel on the birth of baby 何天愛!

Yes, baby Tien-Ai 天愛 has arrived safely in the world, thanks be to God!  She was born on August 4 in Taipei, so she’s 4 weeks old today ~ YES!  She’s the gorgeous brand-new baby daughter and first child of Rev. Joseph Jui-En Ho 何睿恩牧師 and his beautiful wife, Angel (Pei-Yin)!


Until July 31, Joseph was vicar of Christ Church, Chungli, Taoyuan. On August 1 he started as vicar of St. Mark’s Church, Pingtung, which is the opposite end of Taiwan from here. That’s quite a big change all in one week ~ a new baby and a new church!


Joseph was a member of Advent Church many years ago and they have a place to live nearby.  So all of us from the St. John’s University Chaplaincy Office went to visit them yesterday ~ to congratulate them and bring blessings for the baby!


Ah,  Joseph is so funny, pulling faces at the baby and making her laugh!

Please do pray for Joseph and his family as they start their new life together in Pingtung. St. Mark’s is a very special church with the world’s friendliest church members, so may God bless them all ~ and especially baby Tien-Ai!


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