Calling the World @ Laomei Elementary School 老梅國小!

Laomei Village is right there at the northern tip of Taiwan, and it’s elementary school is Taiwan’s northernmost and maybe one of the wettest, and yes, it was raining hard yesterday. The school is building a shelter in the playground so that the children can still be outside in the rain but not get wet.  Laomei is also famous for the Shimen Kite Festival, and this year the sun was out, and it was wonderful!

It’s such a friendly school with such lovely children, teachers and staff. As part of our community outreach program from Advent Church and St. John’s University, I was there yesterday teaching a little English.  We were working on the theme of numbers, and telephone numbers in particular, using Laomei School Telephone Number as a good one to learn. We held imaginary phone conversations, and the older children were finding out about international telephone codes…. Ah, such fun!

Such a great place and such a nice atmosphere ~ thank you Laomei for your extra warm welcome, and see you soon!

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