Now’s the Time! Cherry Blossom Season in Full Swing @ Sanzhi 三芝!

Yes, it’s peak time for the Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Season here in northern Taiwan, and Sanzhi is THE place to come!  It’s warm and sunny too – so get here quick!  Lots of people are here every day walking along the mountain roads or along the San-Sheng Trail 三生步道 by the river to enjoy all the variations of pink blooms on offer, and not just cherry blossom but also tons of flowering azaleas. The local government has planted 15,000 cherry blossom trees in recent years, and they are all in flower now.  In fact, the dark pink cherry blossom are nearly over, but the light pink ones, the sakura, are out all over.  And they’re out much earlier than last year (see last year’s report here – written at the end of March 2017, 2 weeks later than this year).  So come and see!  Come and see that Sanzhi is not just famous (sorry, infamous) for it’s miserable non-stop rain all winter, but also for it’s beautiful flowers!

It’s also planting time in the fields and local people are busy.  Water oats / Water bamboo (茭白筍 Jiao bai sun) are especially grown in Sanzhi, and the farmers have a particularly muddy job!

This was the San-Sheng Trail this afternoon…

Beautiful eh?  Yes, Sanzhi is a great place in spring  ~ and especially now.  So do put it on your itinerary to come and see for yourselves!

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