Advent Word 2018, Day 3 ‘Focus 專注’

#AdventWord #Focus #專注


Focus is a learned practice, made more difficult in our hyper-connected digital age. Let us enter this season of Advent with a commitment to focus on the words, images, and promises of Jesus. They will tell us “the days are surely coming” when He will appear. With our focus on Jesus, the “worries of this life” will be replaced by the Kingdom of God.


In AD 634, at the request of King Oswald, the monks of Iona sent Aidan to bring the knowledge of Christ to Northumbria. Aidan asked to settle on the island of Lindisfarne, and went on to establish monasteries, schools, churches and infirmaries throughout the area. St. Bede says of Aidan, “He never sought for or cared for worldly possessions… he always traveled on foot… he and his followers lived as they taught.”

Aidan is known as the ‘Apostle of Northumbria’.  This statue of St. Aidan, holding a torch and a shepherd’s crook, by Kathleen Parbury, was erected in St. Mary’s Churchyard on Lindisfarne in 1958. This photo was taken at sunrise, with the castle in the distance and the ruins of the Lindisfarne Priory on the right.

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