Advent Word 2018, Day 9 ‘Cry 哭泣’

#AdventWord #Cry #哭泣


Advent is a season to turn our cry of fear to joy. A young Mary’s fear for the unknowns of motherhood.  Yet, we, like Mary, have favor with God and in all seasons of life, our Lord is with us to hear our cry.  The coming of the Christ child is soon… joyful tears as Mary first touches wisps of soft newborn hair and cries with love as he tenderly claims her breast.  Advent is the cry of fear turned to joy.


The Holy Island of Lindisfarne must have shed many tears over the centuries, cries of fear as the monks were forced the flee the island in 875 to escape attacks from the Vikings, and then again in 1537 when Henry VIII closed down the Benedictine Priory, which had been established in the 1120’s.  These days, Holy Island is a peaceful place, the ruins of the Benedictine Priory are well-maintained by English Heritage, and when the tides and weather are good, there are visitors and pilgrims galore.  Holy Island’s cries of fear have turned to joy.

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