Advent Word 2018, Day 13 ‘Prune 修剪’

#AdventWord #Prune #修剪


The prophet Malachi speaks of God’s messenger as one who will “purify” the people, like “a refiner’s fire” or “fuller’s soap,” to make them “pleasing to the Lord.” The prophet’s point is that God has a lot of scrubbing and refining of human nature to do as God’s reign makes its advent. William Temple speaks of God’s seemingly harsh desire to prune away that which is not pleasing as done purely for “very love’s sake.” This love is “not a sentimental readiness to give us what we want; it is a passionate yearning to raise us to its own likeness.”


Roses in front of Cambridge House, Holy Island.  Late autumn is not a good time for roses, they’re overgrown and straggly.  They’re coming to the end of their flowering season, though everyone seems to wait until early spring for pruning rosebushes.  At this time of year, they’re not at their best, but still providing beautiful splashes of colour in the garden.  The rose garden is a metaphor for life.  Making our lives “pleasing to the Lord” is what we’re called to do afresh this Advent.

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