Advent Word 2018, Day 14 ‘Prepare 預備’

#AdventWord #Prepare #預備


As a young Navajo boy growing up, I remember the elders talking to us about following our road of life, our path, and how we must prepare ourselves for the journey. We need to prepare for a path that can veer to the left or right, and that even can be hard to walk. But the journey we are on is God’s journey and with God’s help, we are prepared for all that lies ahead. This Advent we are asked to make the path straight, to make a way for God to guide us down the path of life and we may come to know Christ.


The causeway leading to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, on a rising tide.  Tide tables and weather forecasts need to be consulted before crossing, because the road is covered by the sea for 6 hours twice a day.  Road signs warn of the dangers ahead. The wooden structure on the left is a refuge shelter for stranded travelers, who find they need to abandon their cars (and maybe their egos too) to the rising waters.  Otherwise, the only way out is by calling the coastguard.  But rest assured, 650,000 people visit the island safely every year. Just go prepared.

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