Advent Word 2018, Day 15 ‘Rejoice 喜樂’

#AdventWord #Rejoice #喜樂


Rejoice in the Lord always! Again I say–Rejoice!
Rejoice when nations are at war or on the brink of war? Rejoice when natural disasters destroy homes and forests and cities? Rejoice when politics breeds fear and truth is questioned?
Rejoice that we have LIFE and HOPE and LOVE. Rejoice that we can speak and vote and embrace and forgive and protest and make change. Rejoice that with God all things are possible. Rejoice that we can share the message of Advent–Love is on the way!


One of the amazing Holy Island sights to see at dusk in late autumn is starling murmurations, as huge flocks of thousands fly together in a swirling, twirling, whirling mass before they settle down to roost for the night.  One of the sights to see during the day is smaller flocks of starlings disturbed from a bush on approach – there’s a huge explosion of noise and a massive rush of air as they all take off together, taking the onlooker totally by surprise.  Those bushes are often hawthorn, and at this time of year are covered in red berries – haws, delicious food for starlings.  Many of these starlings have migrated from Scandinavia to Holy Island for the winter, looking for food and a milder climate.  Imagine their delight when they come upon hawthorn trees like these, covered from top to bottom in juicy red berries. It’s like nature has put up a big ‘Welcome to Holy Island’ sign for migrating starlings.  Rejoicing starlings indeed.

‘Rejoice that we have LIFE and HOPE and LOVE’.  And may we be as willing to share that life, hope and love with those who migrate into our lives, our communities and our countries this Christmas time and beyond.

2 thoughts on “Advent Word 2018, Day 15 ‘Rejoice 喜樂’”

  1. Dear Catherine,

    So that’s where the sterlings are – we have what we call ‘black sun’ in Denmark, which is masses of sterlings getting ready to migrate…. They make some beautiful ‘pictures’ in the sky right at sunset.

    Catherin, thanks for having migrated into my life!!!

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