Advent Word 2018, Day 16 ‘Sing 歌唱’

#AdventWord #Sing #歌唱


As we move toward the manger, we sing with great gladness. The song is ancient, sung by the heavenly host and repeated by the shepherds as they traveled to see the Christ child. Glory to God in the highest. O come let us adore Him. The song carries the weight of the hope of believers through the ages. It is a song of expectation, of anticipation, of joy and wonder. Sometimes our only response to the good news and great joy of this season is to open our hearts and our lips and sing. Sing the carol of hope and thanksgiving for a heroic act of love, God’s gift of God’s own son.


Looking at the ruins of Holy Island’s Benedictine Priory (1120-1537), it is not impossible to imagine the monks going about their daily lives.  There would have been a routine of worship, work and rest, and much of their daily lives may have been lived in silence.  But not all.  Singing has been part of Christian liturgy since early times, and Gregorian chant may well have been part of the style of worship.  Very evocative, the song is ancient indeed.  Let us add our voices to that song this Christmas as we sing, Glory to God in the highest, O come let us adore Him.

2 thoughts on “Advent Word 2018, Day 16 ‘Sing 歌唱’”

  1. We had a wonderful carol service yesterday with both singing, readings and pondering on different paintings with images of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus.

    Singing does lift your spirit.

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