Advent Word 2018, Day 21 ‘Expect 期待’

#AdventWord #Expect #期待

我們每天被廣告衝擊著,以明顯的訊息告訴我們,我們應當在人生中期待些甚麼—更多,更好,更大的事情。然而,如果我們接收到的訊息促使我們不是期待我們可能會得到的事物,而是期待我們可能會給予的事物呢?當瑪麗亞被上帝邀請成為歷史上最有名的未婚青少年媽媽時,她沒有問:「我可以從這樣的安排中得到甚麼?」沒有,她說:「我在這裡。我是主的使女,情願照你的話成就在我身上。」(路加福音第一章38節) 瑪麗亞並沒有思考她期待接受到甚麼東西。她僅只奉獻她的生命,活生生的犧牲,獻給那位呼召她的神。你在復臨節時期「期待」甚麼呢?

We are pummeled daily by advertisements that, in not so hidden messages, tell us what we should “expect” out of life–more, better, bigger things.

What if, however, the messages we received prompted us to expect not what we might get, but what we might give?  When, invited by God to become the most famous unmarried teenage expectant mother in history, Mary did not ask “What do I get out of this arrangement?” No, she said, “here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word.” (Luke 1:38)  Mary did not think about what she could expect to receive.  She simply gave her life, a living sacrifice, to the God who called her.  What do you “expect” this Advent season?


See all these people? They’ve just arrived on Holy Island and are walking from the car park into the village.  A steady stream, but in summer this path is choc-a-block with visitors.  Everyone comes with a sense of expectancy, looking forward to a day out on Holy Island – perhaps a visit to the priory or castle, coffee or lunch at one of the cafes, a walk on the beach or up to the hill, a bit of shopping, and a visit to the church.  Many pilgrims and visitors have found that their faith has been awakened, refreshed or renewed by their visit, and they return home keen to share their experiences with others.

“Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God” (William Carey)

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