Advent Word 2018, Day 22 ‘Persist 堅持’

#AdventWord #Persist #堅持


The season of Advent has almost reached its climax. It has been a journey, certainly for Mary and Joseph. They experienced first hand what it meant to persist, to keep going until all that was promised was fulfilled. It might have been tempting to take a shortcut–“Let’s just make an offering or a sacrifice and stay home.” But God does not want shortcuts. God does not call us to take the easy way. What God does require is a people who persist on the journey, who make all the necessary preparations to truly receive the Christ child in our hearts and our lives.


Along the Holy Island seashore when the tide is out, it’s fun to search the rocks and rockpools for fish or whatever marine life can be found.  The tiny shells are barnacles, while the big conical ones are limpets, officially aquatic snails.  Limpets cling tight to the rock crevices when the tide is out, but when covered in water, off they slide to graze on algae.  For us to try to prise them off the rocks at low tide is virtually impossible without damaging them.  They cling tenaciously, stubbornly resisting whatever might try to remove them.  Even the strongest men and women are no match for limpets.  Persistance, indeed, and a challenge to us in our journey of faith.

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