Advent Word 2018, Day 24 ‘Celebrate 慶祝’

#AdventWord #Celebrate #慶祝


You would think that it would be hard to overlook really good news.  I mean, who would miss a chance to celebrate?  But, too often, we miss the good news, the real good news, of December 25.
But let’s not do that this year.  Because no matter how you look at it, God coming into the world for no other reason but love is, when you think about it, incredibly good news—news that is worth making the time to #Celebrate.


St. Mary’s Church, Holy Island.  All around is darkness, but the church door is open, don’t miss it.  Don’t miss the chance to celebrate.  Don’t miss the real good news of December 25.

Today is Christmas Day, and the final post for Advent Word 2018 ~ hope you’ve enjoyed them.  Let’s celebrate ~ have a wonderful Christmas!

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