Advent Word 2020, Day 14 ❤️ ‘Honey’ ❤️

#AdventWord #Honey

The Promised Land flows with milk and honey – how sweet it is. Like Pooh Bear, I love “sweet” and “Sweet Jesus” appeals to me. But as I ponder this, things get sticky very fast.

“Sweet Jesus” is not a popular term in many churches. “The sated appetite spurns honey, but to a ravenous appetite even the bitter is sweet”(Prov. 27:7). Want honey? Follow bees. Want Heaven? Follow Beatitudes.

Fed-up people have little use for a Sweet Jesus, one who feeds hungry people merely because they are hungry and loved. Child-souls love Pooh and honey – and Jesus – because they sweeten many bitter circumstances.

❤️ The sweetest couple in Advent Church! ❤️

This is our senior warden, Ming-Chuan and his lovely wife, Meng-Zhen, who have carried much of the responsibility for the smooth running of Advent Church in the interregnum – since our rector, Lennon Y. R. Chang moved on to become bishop in February. This responsibility included organizing the annual diocesan convention, which was held at Advent Church on August 15, 2020 – this photo was taken that day. Since then, Ming-Chuan has faced very serious health challenges, but his faith remains strong, his testimony is vibrant and he continues serving as senior warden, well-supported by Meng-Zhen ~ and by us all. They are both just so wonderful and we all love ’em to bits ~ please do pray for them both! ❤️

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