My Advent Calendar 2021: Day 4 👼⛪🔔

#MyAdventCalendar2021 #Day4: This is Chuan-You 全佑, the youngest member of our Advent Church PCC / Vestry Committee and also in charge of the Advent Church Sunday School. He works in Taipei as a software engineer, and became a Christian through the student fellowship at St. John’s University, of which he was later elected to serve as chair for a year. Like many of our student fellowship, he is the first and so far only Christian in his family. Today he and his team are running a Board Games outreach event for 40+ local children in the Advent Church Centre, and he has plenty more Sunday School activities coming up for Christmas. The children all love him, and he’s a great team leader. Please do pray for him and all his team!

This kind of Advent Calendar project would be very difficult to do in western countries because of government regulations and cultural concerns about privacy, but please know that Taiwan has a different situation and culture. Obviously, I am not sharing anything that is confidential or potentially embarrassing, and I also check with each person that the post is OK. So far, all the people I’ve featured have been delighted to participate and have given their full support. They say how honoured they are to be included, and how moved they are to see your likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram ~ so please write something there if you can. Thank you all for your understanding ~ and support!

2 thoughts on “My Advent Calendar 2021: Day 4 👼⛪🔔”

  1. The student fellowship at St. John’s University seems to have an amazing record of bringing people to the Lord.

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