My Advent Calendar 2021: Day 17 🔔❄️🎄

#MyAdventCalendar2021 #Day17: This is Ming-Chuan 銘傳, senior warden of Advent Church, and his lovely wife, Meng-Zhen 孟蓁. This evening they welcomed 30 of us from Advent Church, including 12 from the St. John’s University Student Fellowship, to their home for an Advent Service followed by a delicious meal. The cold wind was howling outside, but inside it was so warm and cosy. They are just so hospitable and kind!

Ming-Chuan is a former police officer, and Meng-Zhen recently retired from her work in a busy hospital, and despite some serious ongoing health challenges these past 2 years, they both continue to faithfully serve in Advent Church. They really love our student fellowship group and are always finding ways to help them feel more and more part of the church community, like this evening’s meal at their home. Yes, we all love them so much ~ and please do pray for them both!

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