My Advent Calendar 2021: Day 24 🌟🕯️🎄

#MyAdventCalendar2021 #Day24: This is the very lovely Cai-Pei 采沛, just arriving now at St. John’s University (SJU), and all ready for her baptism during tonight’s Christmas Eve service ~ and she gets the largest Teddy Bear chocolate in the Advent Calendar! Ah, she’s so happy! She comes every Sunday to Advent Church from her home in Taoyuan, having graduated last year from SJU in Creative Design, a classmate and good friend of Yi-Ting who works on our SJU Chaplaincy staff and the one who originally invited her to join the student fellowship. They also did their senior project together on the theme of Advent Church, designing and making a wonderful welcome video, cards and a book, all now featured on the Advent Church website.

Like Jia-Wei, who is also being baptized tonight, Cai-Pei is the first (and so far only) Christian in her family. She says she’s still waiting for the right moment to tell her family of her decision. Like many of our recently-graduated students, she’s finding it difficult to find a permanent job in her chosen field, design. Please do pray for her and her family, her search for a job, and her new-found Christian faith. Thanks be to God, and to you all for your prayers ~ and joyful greetings to you all this Christmas Eve! 🕯️🕯️

7 thoughts on “My Advent Calendar 2021: Day 24 🌟🕯️🎄”

  1. What a joy to receive this entry in your Advent Calendar, Catherine ! Greetings from Holy Trinity Geneva, where Clare and I are this Christmas ( Clare used to work for the WCC here until retirement. ) It is lovely to receive your regular news of young people entering into Christian faith; that is a real tonic after reading some of the UK press recently. May Cai-Pei and Jia-Wei, be filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit, and bring joy to those around them, family and friends.


  2. Message from my dear friend Revd Cathy Hitchens, former student and prison chaplain ( reitred ) who has not been in the best of health :; I forwarded today’s Advent Calendar page…

    “Just her joyous smile does it for me ! many thanks ”


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