Advent Word 2022, Day 4 ‘Mountains’ 眾山

#AdventWord #Mountains #眾山

‘Humans have always been drawn to mountaintop experiences and for good reason—it often takes an effort to get there but the reward more than justifies it. From Abraham and Moses to the Transfiguration and Crucifixion, major events in the Bible are often centered atop mountains. And yet, a mountaintop experience is not how God chose to reveal the Messiah to the world. Instead, Jesus was born in a cave surrounded by domesticated animals, the miracle of our Savior’s birth revealed first to lowly shepherds so that all, especially the lost and the least, might be drawn to the light of Christ.’ (Victoria Logue)

Mountains in London? Not that I know of, but there are a few hills ~ including Tower Hill, once famous for its public executions of high-profile traitors and criminals. The land was historically part of the Tower Liberty, an area protected from development so as to keep a clear view of the Tower of London for defence purposes.

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