Advent Word 2022, Day 5 ‘Make’ 做

#AdventWord #Make #做

‘Make a plan, make a change, make a difference, make a promise. Make memories, make the most of it, make something of yourself.

To make something is to act upon it, to bring it into being. It is intentional, purposeful.

What are we being asked to make this Advent?

Or is that the wrong question? Would it be better to consider what God is trying to make of us? What is the Maker making here, now?

We can work so hard to develop ourselves, to get closer to the life we have imagined. Is it possible that in this busy-ness, we lose out on the opportunity to allow God to act upon us, to change us, to fulfill a promise to us, to make something us?

If we set aside our own preconceptions this Advent, can we see what is being made in us and all around us?’ (Rebecca Marek)

‘Creativity is in all of us’ at the London Graphic Centre (Art Supply Store), Covent Garden

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