Advent Word 2022, Day 26 ‘Choose’ 選擇

#AdventWord #Choose #選擇

‘I lived with this word for several days. I began to see the freedom and the responsibility of being able to choose. I can turn away from evil and turn toward good. Turn away from large evils—violence, war —and small evils—hatred, unkind thoughts. Turn toward good, keeping a soft heart for the whole globe. God walks with me. God thunders, “Choose the good!” God pleads, “Choose the good.” God whispers, “Choose the good.” God stands with the poor, the suffering, the hungry, those in pain and weeps, “Choose the good.” With God’s help, I can choose.’ (Ann Case)

Stanfords, Covent Garden, London

‘Stanfords is a specialist bookshop of maps and travel books in London, established in 1853 by Edward Stanford. Its collection of maps, globes, and maritime charts is considered the world’s largest.’

Choose. Choose what kind of world you want. Choose the good.

4 thoughts on “Advent Word 2022, Day 26 ‘Choose’ 選擇”

  1. Thanks Catherine. A truly beautiful reflection. We need the interweaving of grace with our choosing and in our choices. I enjoy your series and find them very helpful


    ( Canon Alan Amos)


  2. Thank you for all your Advent words which I have been following daily. Hope you have a very joyful Christmas xx

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