Advent Word 2022, Day 27 ‘Restore’ 恢復

#AdventWord #Restore #恢復

‘Restore is a spiritual reality perfect for Advent. God comes to restore us—every moment of our life. In Advent, we are reminded that Jesus restores us by being God with us, God for us, and God in us. Without shaming or blaming us, Advent invites us to the important task of paying attention to the ways in which God seeks to restore us. Advent reminds us that God comes to us and to our world. Advent reminds us that we need to come to God to be restored spiritually, psychologically, culturally, politically. May we deepen our desire to be restored in God. Will you let God restore you?’ (Rev. Dr. Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones)

Leadenhall Market area, City of London: restoration, renewal, revitalization at every turn

4 thoughts on “Advent Word 2022, Day 27 ‘Restore’ 恢復”

  1. Just love and really enjoy your UK travelers’ tales and recent photos.
    This is Richard from the Good Shepherd. We were back in November after threeyears from our home in Bloomsburg PA, and will return again for longer next May.
    Hopefully will see you there. Blessings
    Richard and Katy

  2. Thank you for sharing this Catherine. Restore has a lot of deep resonances for us all personally and for our ministries and missions.

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