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Advent Word, Day 14 ‘glow’

Day 14 #glow #光明 Sunday December 11, Third Sunday in Advent

‘As children of the light we have the opportunity to either squander God’s riches or to capitalize on them by being ministers of God’s light, life, and love for all people’.



Tamsui Church, Taiwan

Advent Word, Day 13 ‘befriend’

Day 13 #befriend #親近 Saturday December 10

‘On my journey of faith, Mary has become a kind of friend, and our shared experience of Jesus has become a sacred communion. He invites me into her presence with contagious joy. She points me to him with fresh insight and renewed simplicity’.



Supermaster and his Superfriends at St. John’s University Student Fellowship Christmas Outreach on Thursday night!

Advent Word, Day 12 ‘promise’

Day 12 #promise #應許 Friday December 9

‘God gives us the responsibility of doing something ourselves about those faithless fears and worldly anxieties that are holding us back. We don’t have to do this alone. We have God’s promise of holding our hand and of helping us’.



Ah, Tanzania ~ a wonderful country of great promise.  Pray for Tanzania today on this their Independence Day ~ December 9, 1961  ~ 55 today!

Advent Word, Day 11 ‘act’

Day 11 #act #行動 Wednesday December 7

‘What will we do with the blessings God gives us in answer to prayer? When we pray and God heals us, what will we do with our restored health? When we cry out of our need and God meets that need, what will we do with the resources that have come to us in answer to our prayer?’



Photo taken at the Juming Museum 朱銘美術館

Advent Word, Day 10 ‘be’

Day 10 #be #陪伴 Tuesday December 6

‘People in trauma need our presence and our prayer rather than our preaching. We will bear a much more comforting witness to someone facing deep loss by simply being with them, and in so doing, representing God Emmanuel – God with us – by our being with them. Not by our words, but by our presence’.



Photo taken at the Juming Museum 朱銘美術館

Advent Word, Day 9 ‘commit’

Day 9 #commit #決志 Monday December 5

‘In Advent, reflect on a commitment you are considering accepting, or a commitment that needs renewing. In building the house of your life on the rock of God’s committed love, you may discover that you are called to commit; that you cannot claim the Life that God desires for you without it’.



Coming soon: the most amazing Rev. and Mrs. Hsu about to celebrate their 70 years of marriage, a Platinum Anniversary.  Congratulations!  That’s real commitment!

Advent Word, Day 8 ‘touch’

Day 8 #touch #觸摸 Second Sunday of Advent, Sunday December 4

‘As followers of Jesus, our responsibility is to listen for those calling out to us, and to respond in love by reaching out and touching the untouchable, reminding them by word and deed of their sacred identity’.



Part of the Taichi Sculpture Series at the Juming Museum 朱銘美術館

Advent Word, Day 7 ‘play’

Day 7 #play #扮演 Saturday December 3

‘Our Society’s rule states that “as our faith matures we come to recognize Christ’s hidden presence everywhere.” That’s because a maturing faith is paradoxically childlike. It is marked by openness to new ideas, points of view, and experiences, all of which enable us to see again our God, who knows neither time, nor place, nor limitation’.



Water Bamboo 茭白筍 grows everywhere in Sanzhi 三芝 and fun Water Bamboo people are everywhere too!

Advent Word, Day 6 ‘light’

Day 6 #Light #顯明 Friday December 2

‘We will be a more luminous epiphany of the love of Christ not only when we love, but when we recognize Christ present in the loving hearts of others, whatever their beliefs or understanding of God’.



Dr. Peter H. C. Ay, President of St. John’s University lights the first candle of this year’s Advent Wreath.

Advent Word, Day 5 ‘proclaim’

Day 5 #proclaim #宣告 Thursday December 1

‘The gospel Jesus proclaims is that in God’s economy everyone will be fed, but we have to be willing to share from the riches that God has given us. In order to do that we have to stop and recognize the goodness that God has given us in our lives’.



Proclaim the Good News, today is Advent Calendar Day One ~ let the countdown begin!
Christmas is coming!