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Taipei Transforms Subway Cars to Mimic Sporting Venues for Upcoming Summer Universiade | Colossal

To spark interest for the upcoming 2017 Summer Universiade, the city of Taipei has employed a fantastic marketing strategy that sees the city’s subway cars turned into realistic backdrops of several popular sporting venues. The floors of each car have been replaced by laminate overlays of track lane, grass turf, basketball courts, and baseball fields—though by far the most popular car is the swimming pool. The Universiade begins August 19th and involves 22 different sports across 70 venues. ….

Source: Taipei Transforms Subway Cars to Mimic Sporting Venues for Upcoming Summer Universiade | Colossal

Update on July 24, 2017:  I found this train today (greatly helped by staff at one of the stations) and here we are!

Fun eh?!

Rainageddon Hits Taiwan

And it was quite some weekend….

644 mm of rain fell on Sanzhi on Friday from about 2:00 – 11:00 am. That was the start of it all.  This was the scene on the coastal road on Friday morning from inside my bus….

Fridays’s report about the situation from the Taipei Times is here….

The local river at Sanzhi on Friday afternoon ….

The rains spread south over the weekend.  Tons and tons of rain.  2 dead, several missing, homes and businesses washed away or flooded. Terrible damage to infrastructure, agriculture and businesses.  This is today’s Taipei Times report here

Yesterday I went round the coastal road to Keelung.  The road passes along by some of the worst hit areas.  In Keelung, an area of the town along by the river had been flooded, and the army was helping clear up. This was the scene outside a dentists, they’re all there clearing up.  The whole road looked like this. People everywhere.

The road round the coast is open for one lane only each way.  Landslides everywhere cos the mountains there are steep.  This was the scene near the nuclear power station…  see all that mud?

This is not a typhoon. It’s the Plum Rainy Season.  Never normally like this.  Tragic.

Fortunately, the rains are expected to stop today, and repairing the damage can begin in earnest.

On Saturday I spent the morning writing a CMS newsletter.  I had decided early last week that Saturday was to be the day, but I had no idea at that point what my theme was going to be.  Events last Friday kinda of decided for me.  Am sending it off today to CMS for processing.  Check back in a few weeks time!

And finally, the reason for going to Keelung was to attend the Pentecost service at Trinity Church.  This is the back wall of the church….

Pentecost greetings to you all!  May the fire, passion and love of the Holy Spirit bring healing, grace and mercy in this dark, broken and suffering world.

Taichung Train Station ~ The Old and the New!

Yes, there’s a brand new Taichung Train Station, built right behind the old one, at high level rather than ground level ~ and opened last month by President Tsai Ing-Wen.

The original one was built in the Japanese Colonial era, about 1905….


And we now walk through the old station to get to the new one at the back.  The new station complex is not yet finished, and there’s tons of construction going on all around, but so far so good!


Today it was absolutely packed out, Sunday is a huge traveling day, and the weather was wonderful.  This is what it looks like inside…


Amazing eh?!

Taiwan, Holy See have an ‘alliance of love’: vice president – Taipei Times

Taiwan’s relationship with the Vatican….

Check out this article by Peter Chen 陳正義 president of the Formosan Association for Public Affairs:

Chen should urge Holy See for dual recognition

And this one…..

Vice President Chen Chien-jen (陳建仁) on Sunday said that the government would continue to strengthen its rapport with the Holy See, describing the relationship between the two nations as “an alliance of love and core values.”

Source: Taiwan, Holy See have an ‘alliance of love’: vice president – Taipei Times

Garbage trucks disrupt classical concert – Taipei Times


Garbage trucks on Saturday inadvertently disrupted a performance by the New Japan Philharmonic World Dream Orchestra in the National Taiwan University Sports Center when they started loudly playing prerecorded tunes that signal waste collection, sparking outrage from classical music fans attending the event.

Source: Garbage trucks disrupt classical concert – Taipei Times