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Advent Word 2019, Day 16 ‘Learn’

#AdventWord #Learn

Isaiah encourages: Say to those of a fearful heart, “Be strong, do not fear!” In these polarized times it is often fear that keeps us from knowing neighbors who are “not like us”. God’s Way of Love encourages us to learn from those whose culture, religion, race, way of life is different from our own, there to exchange rich gifts of God’s whole creation.

Margaret Rose is the Ecumenical Officer for The Episcopal Church.

Creation Window at Chester Cathedral

Advent Word 2019, Day 15 ‘Turn’

#AdventWord #Turn

I watched some children play hide-and-seek at a party recently. The little girl turned away, squeezed her eyes closed, and counted. Then, with a loud giggle, she spun back around. The look on her face when she turned was one of pure joy and excitement as she anticipated finding her friends.

We are invited this day to turn our hearts towards God. May we do so with great anticipation and find joy in discovering that God is ready to be found.

The Rev. Kim Jackson (VTS ’10) is an Episcopal priest based out of Atlanta, Georgia and sits on the VTS Board of Trustees.

Adapted from T. S. Eliot’s poem, ‘Four Quartets’, words engraved on the glass door of St. Catherine’s Chapel in Norwich Cathedral: “Reach out to the silence at the still point of the turning world / Except for the still point, there would be no dance”

Advent Word 2019, Day 14 ‘Gather’

#AdventWord #Gather

The spirit of gathering is in the air-gathering with friends and family, gathering gifts to share, gathering prayers and songs for the new dawn of Jesus in our midst. Drawn together by the light of the newborn Christ, we gather at the crèche to see Jesus, and glimpse in one another his saving love.

The Rev. Taylor Devine (VTS ’17) is the associate rector at St. Philip’s in the Hills, Tucson, Arizona and director of the Episcopal Service Corps site, Beloved in the Desert.

Knitted Nativity at Chester Cathedral

Advent Word 2019, Day 13 ‘Water’

#AdventWord #Water

Our living world is powerful, yet even the strongest organism needs water to live. The words of the prophet Isaiah offer images of a shoot rising from a stump and showers watering the earth. These images point us to the sustaining power of water and remind us of the cleansing power of God. In this Advent season, may we prepare to receive the water that quenches every thirst and cleanses all, may we be ready to do good.

The Rev. Chris Girata (VTS ’08) is the rector of St. Michael and All Angels in Dallas, Texas and sits on the VTS Board of Trustees.

The baptismal font at Salisbury Cathedral

Advent Word 2019, Day 12 ‘Harmony’

Advent is a season that calls us to learn how to live in harmony with one another as we wait together for the promised coming. In Romans, Paul speaks of the oneness of like-minded believers as a means to accomplish God’s will. But this does not mean that we abandon our individuality. We are like the single notes on a musical scale and, when we are played together in Christ, we form a musical chord. But our harmony is impossible apart from Christ who calls us to act with one accord, to speak with one voice, to be in accord with one another.

The Very Rev. Billy Alford (VTS ’92) is the rector at Saint Alban’s Episcopal Church in Augusta, Georgia.

The Lady Chapel at Gloucester Cathedral: Memorial window to the composer Herbert Howells (1892-1983) by Caroline Swash (installed 1992). The four panels illustrate settings of his music.

Advent Word 2019, Day 11 ‘Confess’

#AdventWord #Confess

Confess: a beautiful two-sided coin. To confess is first to disclose. The work of Advent includes examining our consciences by taking a fearless look at ourselves and naming before God those actions not in order with our Creator’s call on our lives. To confess is equally to profess our deepest beliefs. This too is Advent work, for a people who live in hope, secure in the knowledge that we are forgiven and free in Christ Jesus.

The Right Rev. Scott Barker is the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska and is a member of the VTS Board of Trustees.

The Amnesty International Candle in Salisbury Cathedral

Advent Word 2019, Day 10 ‘Grace’

#AdventWord #Grace

God’s grace is tolerant and patient. God’s grace gives solace and comfort to all believers and bears them up in the midst of distress. God’s grace does not mark what we do amiss. If we seek to share this grace, we must be ready to comfort those who are cast down and to support those who are oppressed.

Nedine Manyemba is the Ecumenical Assistant at the Zimbabwe Council of Churches.

Celebrating the 900th anniversary of Peterborough Cathedral

Advent Word 2019, Day 9 ‘Root’

#AdventWord #Root

A shoot shall come out from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots, we read in Isaiah. Just as the branch is rooted in Jesse, God’s living judgment is rooted in righteousness and equity, and the fruit of that righteousness and equity is full knowledge of God in God’s glorious dwelling place.

The Rev. Della Wager Wells is the priest-in-charge of Emmanuel Church in Newport, Rhode Island.

The South Rose Window at Lincoln Cathedral, known as the Bishop’s Eye.

Advent Word 2019, Day 8 ‘Worthy’

#AdventWord #Worthy

Because often we do not value our own worth, we can’t imagine being worthy in the eyes of others. But in this season of Advent, the coming of Jesus casts those negative ideas aside. We are free to claim our worth as beloved children of God through God’s redemptive love and grace.

Dorothy Linthicum is a catechist for Baptized for Life and Forma Board member.

The Baptismal Font (carved in a large rock brought from the Holy Land) in front of the Baptistry Window (designed by John Piper) at Coventry Cathedral.

Advent Word 2019, Day 7 ‘Unity’

#AdventWord #Unity

In order to have unity, we must have reconciliation. As human beings, we must empty ourselves of all hatred and envy and be filled with love, blessing, and the grace of God. This can only happen when we open ourselves to God’s plan for us and for all humanity and become ambassadors for Christ, seeking to share the message of reconciliation.

The Right Rev. Suheil Dawani is the the 14th Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem.

‘Reconciliation’ by Josefina de Vasconcellos at Coventry Cathedral