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The Treasure

New Year’s Day Prayer….

Lord thou hast given me so much to love                                                                                                           here, now, upon earth,                                                                                                                  things most lovely, and lives yet dearer;                                                                                              hast given not only my love for them,                                                                                                             but theirs for me.                                                                                                                            O let me see, grasp, cherish they gifts                                                                                                             and not be blind or oblivious                                                                                                                 nor lose, nor spoil, nor shame them.

The apprehension of all this love                                                                                                                           brings further gifts from thee;                                                                                                    deep senses of purification, of thy purposes in time,                                                                        of grace governing and upholding all,                                                                                                  of a secret glory behind the outward scene                                                                                                     and of thine own love, immortal,                                                                                                           immutable, freely given.

So from the many things I love here,                                                                                                                    all given by thee,                                                                                                                            let me draw a wealth that cannot waste,                                                                                                     brought to my small quays                                                                                                                             by the galleons of heaven;                                                                                                       and know that thou, who givest love,                                                                                                                   art love;                                                                                                                                       and he who dwells in love                                                                                                                                       dwells in thee.

by Eric Milner-White, Dean of York 1941-63

Bishop Leonard Wilson Memorial @ Askrigg Church, Wensleydale

Yesterday ~ a sharp frost, but bright sun all day, and at my father’s suggestion, went to check out Askrigg Church in Wensleydale, N. Yorkshire to see the memorial to Bishop Leonard Wilson, most famous for being Bishop of Singapore during the Japanese occupation, when he was imprisoned and tortured….


His sermon of how he suffered, yet kept the faith, shared the Gospel with some of his captors and led some of them to faith is retold in his sermon here, published in 1946.  He retired to Askrigg in 1969 and although he died only a year later, he clearly found peace in Wensleydale ~ the story of the memorial is here.

The church is beautiful, the village too….

Very moving story, do make time to check it out….

法鼓山 Dharma Drum Mountain ‘n 金山老街 Jinshan Old Street ~ what a tour!

Yep, what a tour indeed ~ ‘n all in the planning for next week…

And next week starts the Episcopal Church House of Bishops Autumn Meeting in Taiwan, and one of the outings arranged for the spouses is, yep, to learn about Buddhism at Dharma Drum Mountain and to Jinshan Old Street to see the Taoist Temples and try all the sweet potato delicacies….

So off we went today, Mr. Huang and his lovely wife Mei-li from St. John’s Cathedral, and me – to check it all out in preparation ~ first to Jinshan Old Street for goose meat lunch…

And then up the mountain to Dharma Drum…

Our first ever visit to Dharma Drum, and though we were only there a short time, nobody could fail to be impressed by the welcome we received, the organization and service on offer and the high standards of cleanliness – everywhere was absolutely spotless….

So roll on next week, and looking forward to welcoming all our visitors from the USA and beyond!

Taizé Day at Good Shepherd Church….

Good Shepherd Church, Taipei hosted its first Taizé Day on Saturday ~ a whole day from 9:00am to 7:00pm….. and it was wonderful!


Morning, midday and evening prayer times were the highlight, with talks and sharing in-between, including 3 young people who’ve recently been to Taizé sharing their experiences…. plus Brother Lucas, a real live Taizé brother from Hong Kong.  More than 150 came along, including some participants who came specially all the way from central and southern Taiwan…


Most appropriate that this should take place right in the middle of Lent, and right in the middle of a growing political crisis with student protesters occupying the Legislature in Taipei ~ we pray that justice and peace may prevail…


What is amazing about Taizé is that it’s so ecumenical that all Christian denominations are welcome to receive Holy Communion, and all churches participated on Saturday – Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant.  Everyone receiving Communion together in the same service is such a wonderful witness!


The Taipei Taizé Team did a great job ~ here they are, with Brother Lucas in the middle…


Next year is the 75th anniversary of the Taizé Community – and here’s to the next 75!

鄭啟璋弟兄追思禮拜….RIP 鄭伯伯

49 years!  49 years of praying ~ that truly shows some dedication and perseverance…

That’s how long Mrs. Cheng prayed for her husband before he finally decided to become a Christian.  This family sure has an amazing testimony!

On Saturday we gathered at Advent Church for the funeral of the man we knew as 鄭伯伯 Mr. (Uncle) Cheng, who died on New Year’s Eve at the age of 90.  His son and family have long been members of our church while Mrs. Cheng always went along to the Presbyterian Church in Tamsui, near their home, and would come with her son here once a year on Mother’s Day.  But never with Mr. Cheng!

Until 4 years ago, that is!  In 2009, aged 86, Mr. Cheng made a radical decision – to become a Christian and be baptized.  A whole new beginning for him and his family!


Mr. Cheng came from Mainland China to Taiwan alone at the age of 27, and after years of study became a professor of P. E. at TamKang University in Tamsui.  Aged 36 he married Mrs. Cheng.  She has a very long Christian heritage as a 3rd generation Christian from the Chen family of Xindian (the other end of Taipei) where her grandfather was Presbyterian pastor, one of the original students of Rev. George L. Mackay……

And so there followed 49 long years of prayer for her husband to come to faith……

In 2009 Mr. Cheng was in hospital, very ill.  One of Mrs. Cheng’s relatives, a pastor, visited him, and asked him a simple question about what would happen to him after his death. Mr. Cheng was deeply challenged and troubled by that question, and knew he could no longer put off making a decision.  When he came home from hospital, still very weak, he called our rector (who had been visiting him for several years and sharing the Gospel), who came to the house and baptized him.

Amazingly, Mr. Cheng recovered from that illness.  In fact, he lived on for another 4 years, became a very committed Christian; and whenever his health allowed, he was always in our church on a Sunday with his wife beside him.

We give thanks to God for Mr. Cheng’s testimony, his wife’s faithfulness in prayer over the years, and for all the family ~ God certainly works in amazing ways!