Advent Word, Day 1 ‘shine’

Today is Advent Sunday!  The first day of Advent Word 2016, a project supported by the Anglican Communion.

Day 1: ‘shine’ 光輝 Sunday November 27

‘Rather than experiencing the sorrows of our world as a source of desolation, hear the news as a clarion call, as motivation and clarification for what we are to be about as followers of Jesus Christ: to bear the beams of God’s love and light and life, especially to those who wouldn’t otherwise know it’.



Meet Little Shine, the beloved grandson of Jerry and Jean, devoted church members of St. James’ Church, Taichung, where Jerry is one of the leaders of the English Congregation. Jerry has also kindly translated all the Advent Word meditations into Mandarin Chinese. Little Shine’s Chinese name is 益宣, Yi-Xuan, and as ‘xuan’ ‘宣’ (meaning ‘to declare or proclaim’) sounds a little like ‘shine’, so he is known as Little Shine, and his shining face and sparkling eyes bring great delight to us all!

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