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Advent Word, Day 23 ‘experience’

Day 23: #experience #體會 Monday December 21

‘Second-hand information about God is not enough. We need to be able to touch and know and undeniably experience Jesus at work in our world and in our lives to be able to believe God, to be able to believe in God’.



Until you experience it for yourself, how could you know that the stump of a ‪‎banana tree‬ could be just sooooooo delicious?!

Our church members, the Tan family ponies!

Advent Word, Day 22 ‘look’

Day 22: #look #注視 Sunday December 20, Fourth Sunday of Advent

‘Every moment is teeming with God’s presence. We can know the real presence of Jesus by being really present to life – to live our lives with a kind of attentiveness like when someone grabs your arm and then, pointing at something says, “Look!” And you’re all eyes to take it all in. That’s real living: being really present to Jesus’ real presence, now’.



Dawn is breaking over Sanzhi  三芝 ~ look!

Advent Word, Day 21 ‘hope’

Day 21: #hope #希望 Saturday December 19

‘Life has more meaning when we have hope. Life has more meaning when we understand that we are the builders of something much larger than our own lives and concerns, if we know our place on the long trajectory into God’s future’.



‪Advent Church Thanksgiving Service today celebrating the coming 90th birthdays of some of our beloved church members, and supported by Tan Mama & Tan Baba (already 94 & 97!) ~ CONGRATULATIONS to them all!

‘The Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love’. (Ps. 147:11)

Advent Word, Day 20 ‘prepare’

Day 20: #prepare #預備 Friday December 18

‘We have just days to get ready for Christmas and there is a lot to do. But the most important thing is that only you can say ‘yes’ to God. Only you can build that temple in your heart where the one whom the heavens cannot contain may dwell’.



‪‎Thanks be to God ~ the occupancy permit for our new Advent Church Centre has finally been granted!  The next step is all the interior fittings.  Lots and lots to prepare ~ ‪‎pray 4 us‬!

Advent Word, Day 19 ‘desire’

Day 19: #desire #渴望 Thursday December 17

‘The kingdom of God is a peaceable kingdom, a transformed society in which each member is valued and treated with dignity. The weak and the strong live together in harmony, each caring for the other. There is no true peace without justice. We are not only to desire this peace, but to work for it’.



Sometimes even just a chicken nugget can satisfy our deepest desire!

Advent Word, Day 18 ‘invite’

Day 18: #invite #邀請 Wednesday December 16

‘As we approach the Christmas season, think of someone in your own life who is sad, or lonely, or hurting, and pledge to say or do something to help bring God’s healing love into their lives. Invite them for a coffee, or a meal. Pay them a visit. Phone them. Show them that they are not alone’.



Yes, you can even invite them for chicken nuggets! ‪ St. John’s University Christmas Bazaar at lunchtime today ~ in aid of St. Francis’ Care Home, Yilan (‪‎宜蘭聖方濟老人長期照護中心)‬

Advent Word, Day 17 ‘listen’

Day 17: #listen #聆聽 Tuesday December 15

‘God calls us to emotional honesty with ourselves and others, and we can best find that disposition through intentional relationship with God. In the humility of silence, we can hear the voice which says, “I cannot be the God I truly am without being fully in relationship with you.”’



Great lunchtime music at St. John’s University ~ a big must-listen!