Advent Word 2019, Day 10 ‘Grace’

#AdventWord #Grace

God’s grace is tolerant and patient. God’s grace gives solace and comfort to all believers and bears them up in the midst of distress. God’s grace does not mark what we do amiss. If we seek to share this grace, we must be ready to comfort those who are cast down and to support those who are oppressed.

Nedine Manyemba is the Ecumenical Assistant at the Zimbabwe Council of Churches.

Celebrating the 900th anniversary of Peterborough Cathedral

2 thoughts on “Advent Word 2019, Day 10 ‘Grace’”

  1. Thank you, Ms. Catherine Lee for the words of God that I receive from you always. It is such an enlightenment for me as a person and fololwer of God. I hope to see you in person because I am planning to go to Taiwan and learn Mandarin Language and eventually find a job there.If I may ask, From what city of Taiwan do you came from?

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