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Advent Word, Day 18 ‘invite’

Day 18: #invite #邀請 Wednesday December 16

‘As we approach the Christmas season, think of someone in your own life who is sad, or lonely, or hurting, and pledge to say or do something to help bring God’s healing love into their lives. Invite them for a coffee, or a meal. Pay them a visit. Phone them. Show them that they are not alone’.



Yes, you can even invite them for chicken nuggets! ‪ St. John’s University Christmas Bazaar at lunchtime today ~ in aid of St. Francis’ Care Home, Yilan (‪‎宜蘭聖方濟老人長期照護中心)‬

Advent Word, Day 17 ‘listen’

Day 17: #listen #聆聽 Tuesday December 15

‘God calls us to emotional honesty with ourselves and others, and we can best find that disposition through intentional relationship with God. In the humility of silence, we can hear the voice which says, “I cannot be the God I truly am without being fully in relationship with you.”’



Great lunchtime music at St. John’s University ~ a big must-listen!

Advent Word, Day 16 ‘accept’

Day 16: #accept #接受 Monday December 14

‘The real quest for our prayer is to learn to pray our lives, and that kind of praying both begins and ends in an acknowledgment: we know our life is not our own but belongs to God; it’s not in our control and it’s not on our own time’.



Ah yes, Snoopy ~ taken at Miramar Cinemas, Taipei on Saturday….

‘Yesterday I was a dog. Today I am a dog. Tomorrow I’ll probably still be a dog. Sigh! There’s so little hope for enhancement…..’

‘Be yourself. No one can say you’re doing it wrong…..’

‘My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim, no meaning, and yet I’m happy. I can’t figure it out. What am I doing right?’

Ah yes, Snoopy ~ the epitome of someone just trying to accept himself!

Advent Word, Day 15 ‘wonder’

Day 15: #wonder #驚奇 Sunday December 13, Third Sunday of Advent

‘It is remarkable that the world is, that we are here, that we can experience it. Open your eyes to see it, your ears to hear it, your hands to touch it – and be amazed! Everyday!’



Celebrating the Third Sunday of Advent at Advent Church this morning!

Advent Word, Day 14 ‘wait’

Day 14: #wait #等候 Saturday December 12

‘We can actually bring into being what we are waiting for, what we envision for the future. The future Kingdom breaks into the present through our work to bring about justice and peace and well-being for all people. So Christian waiting does not need to be passive; it can be active, creative–animated by Christ’s love; guided by Christ’s creative wisdom and Spirit’.



The world is waiting ~ for ‎Star Wars , coming everywhere very soon!

Photo taken at Miramar Cinemas, Neihu, Taipei this afternoon!

Advent Word, Day 13 ‘shine’

Day 13: #shine #發光 Friday December 11

‘Jesus tells us that: ‘You are the light of the world.” It is with the lamp of our lives lived well that we will herald the coming of the Lord when he returns at the end of time. So how brightly do your lamps burn? How brightly does your life shine?’



Winter in ‪Taiwan, en route to ‪Taoyuan International Airport last Sunday early morning!

Advent Word, Day 12 ‘dare’

Day 12: #dare #敢於 Thursday December 10

‘If life seems dark to you just now, you are not alone in the dark. In God there is no darkness at all. Only light. Dare to open your eyes and you will become accustomed to the light’.



Bishop Lai preparing to serve very very special 50-year-old Oolong Tea to his guests last night. Who amongst us would dare to think we deserved such an honour?!