Advent Word 2017, Day 5 ‘heal’

#AdventWord #heal

‘Earth, air, water, and fire—these elements meet in us. This Advent we will not be only self-centered and pray for our own healing. HEAL the earth, we pray, and her elements—for such is the eternal trance of God.’

Visit to the Taiwan Episcopal Church 台灣聖公會 of Bishop John A. Pinckney from Taiwan’s companion diocese, the Episcopal Diocese of Upper S. Carolina (EDUSC), October 1965.

Upper SC Slide Show 1 - 1964 55

St. Paul’s Clinic run by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Kaohsiung 台灣聖公會高雄聖保羅堂 with Rev. Patric Hutton (left), US Episcopal Church missionary, who served as vicar of St. Paul’s Church, also Archdeacon of Taiwan.   This photo comes from the EDUSC Archives, but it was possibly taken in 1967, when the companion diocese partnership was already well-established, and an undated written EDUSC report says, in reference to St. Paul’s Clinic, “an x-ray room and store room have been added, thanks to aid from Upper South Carolina”.

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