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救主復活日 Happy Easter ~哈利路亞! 主已復活!

Alleluia, Christ is Risen!  哈利路亞! 主已復活!

Easter celebrations at Advent Church started last night, Easter Eve, with the Easter Vigil – the lighting of the Easter fire and the first half of the service by candlelight, then 4 baptisms and Holy Communion….

All wonderfully led by retired priest, Rev. Michael Liou, who sang the whole service ~ amazing! Despite having no voice only a few days earlier, on the night he was in fine form!

Oh yes and the dog ~ well it was kind of snuggled up in someone’s bag on the back row, but its head kept on appearing and well, every time I went past, there he was, saying please take my photo!

And then to today, and the lovely Easter morning service ~ and a visit from a group from Choi-Kou School in Macau, and of course, some gorgeous flowers, also lunch and cake….

Happy Easter to you all, Christ is risen, Alleluia!