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THE place to see Cherry Blossoms 櫻花 @ Tianyuan Temple 天元宮, Tamsui, Taiwan!


Cherry Blossoms (sakura 櫻花 ying-hua) are out big-time.  Spring is finally here!  Currently flowering all over everywhere, but possibly the most famous place and most accessible for Taipei people is at Tianyuan Temple, just outside Tamsui.  Just happens to be not far from here, and there are huge traffic jams – ah, yes, we all love to see cherry blossom!


Tianyuan Temple Cherry Blossom is all Yoshino Cherry (吉野櫻) and, hey, they are looking spectacular.   You must go – and soon!


Tianyuan Temple is a Taoist Temple worshiping the Jade Emperor (Yu Huang Dadi 玉皇大帝), and the main attraction is the 5-story pagoda, with deities on each floor, and all surrounded by cherry blossom.


I’ve been waiting for a sunny day, and today was it!  So I went there late this afternoon, about 4:30 pm, and this was the scene….

And having the most fun taking photos were a group of very athletic students, who managed to perfect their pose after a few tries!


Getting to Tianyuan Temple is easy if you come by shuttle bus from Tamsui MRT Station, they’re currently running all day, but there’s also a long wait at weekends – I saw hundreds waiting in line last Saturday!  Traffic is very slow, and parking is not free, so come by shuttle bus.  For me it’s easy, just hop on the regular #876 bus that runs from Sanzhi to Tamsui over the mountain road, and it stops at the temple – only takes about 20 minutes.  And I caught the same bus back again about an hour later.  Yes, so easy!  Ah, the endless weekend traffic jams are well compensated for by having beautiful cherry blossoms within easy reach!


Do make the most of the cherry blossom season, it’ll be over before long ~ so get here quick ~ YES!

Street Art @ 淡水老街 Tamsui Old Street ~ love it!

Discovered some wonderful new (to me, that is) street art on the walls of Tamsui Old Street area 淡水老街 today ~ including this one of Dr. George Mackay, first Presbyterian missionary to northern Taiwan (1844-1901), who arrived in Tamsui in 1872 and stayed here more or less until he died.  Early photos show him going off on trips armed with dentist equipment for pulling out teeth, and Bibles to share the Gospel… wonder what he’s think of this painting done in his honour?


Then up behind the famous Matzu Temple are some steps and walls painted with famous local scenes…..




I like ’em!  Brightens up the place considerably ~ so do come ‘n visit Tamsui, it’s THE place to be!

Tamsui Treasures!

Bright orange U-bikes have arrived in Tamsui, and not just down by the river, but up in northern Tamsui, by the sports centre and Carrefour ~ yippee!  So a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon is riding around on a u-bike, exploring some of the places in Tamsui that are more difficult to get to – and the sports center is a good place to start. Well, it is for me, cos it’s the nearest to Sanzhi!

First stop is the Cheng’s Old Residence, which is a traditional old Taiwanese house, around 3 sides of a courtyard, probably built around 1875 – and now fully restored and used for educational purposes. It happens to be right in the middle of the new high-rise buildings that are going up all over Tamsui New Town area, this is it!

In fact, the only way to really appreciate its location is to take a diagonal photo!

The next stop is Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf which is right at the mouth of the river – nearby are some more new high-rises ~ check these out!


Fisherman’s Wharf was cloudy, and full of fishing boats, and the famous ‘Lover’s Bridge’ is covered in scaffolding…

Next stop is the Martyrs Shrine, up a steep hill, which is described as “Sitting on one of the battlefields of the Sino-French War, New Taipei City Martyrs’ Shrine tells the colonial and wartime history of Taiwan. During the Japanese Colonial Era, it was a Shinto shrine venerating Emperor Meiji. After the war, the shrine was sadly destroyed and later converted into a martyrs shrine that honors the fallen soldiers. The foundation and the size of the Shinto shrine has been retained, and the main body was rebuilt into a Chinese palace”…..

The Martyrs Shrine is up by the Hobe Fort, next to the golf club, but I was really heading to the Cloud Gate Theater, also in the same area, which has been open for over 2 years, but this was my first visit – it’s beautiful!  And it’s got sculptures by Taiwan’s most famous sculptor, Ju-Ming 朱銘, from his Living World series (for photos of my visit to his sculpture park, in Jinshan, see my blog post here) which really brighten the place up!

There’s plenty more to see, like the fort and museum and parks in the same area, but it was 31°C, so I’d had enough for one afternoon – it was hot!

A great place to visit – if you get a chance, do go – and by u-bike too!

鄭陳愛美姊妹追思感恩聖餐禮拜 R.I.P Mrs. Cheng Chen Ai-Mei

Our beloved church member, Mrs. Cheng Chen Ai-Mei 鄭陳愛美姊妹 (known to us as Cheng Mama 鄭媽媽) died on March 14, and this past Saturday was her Memorial Service in Advent Church.

Her cremation and burial of ashes took place a week after her death and this Memorial Service was for the church community and her wide circle of friends and colleagues to say goodbye.  It was also a Holy Communion Service, as is fitting for a family where all are Christians.  And what a service it was!  Advent Church was so full of people that we had to bring in extra chairs.  So many people had come to pay their last respects, to grieve, to bring comfort to the family, and to thank God for her wonderful life. And what a life it was. Cheng Mama was much-loved by everyone – and is much missed.

Cheng Mama came from a very big and very well-known Tamsui family. Her father Mr. Chen Ching-Chung 陳清忠校長 (1895-1960) was principal of TamKang High School, Tamsui and was responsible for introducing the sport of rugby into the school – and into the whole country.  The TamKang schools and colleges were founded by the first Presbyterian missionary to Taiwan, George L. Mackay.  Cheng Mama’s paternal grandfather, 陳火 Rev. Chen Huo (after he became a Christian he changed his name to Chen Rong-Hui 陳榮輝) was one of Mackay’s first students and converts, and became the first pastor of Xindian Presbyterian Church, Taipei.  Her great uncle, Chen Rong-Hui’s elder brother married Mackay’s elder daughter, Mary Ellen.

Cheng Mama spent most of her life worshiping in Tamsui Presbyterian Church, but her son, Paul and his family have been members of Advent Church for many many years, serving on the Vestry and in many leadership roles.  In recent years, his sister, Carol has joined us too.  We love them all so much!

Cheng Mama’s testimony is amazing.  She prayed faithfully for her husband for 49 years that he could become a Christian.  49 years!  Suddenly in 2009 at the grand old age of 86, through the ministry of our rector, Rev. Lennon Y. R. Chang, Mr. Cheng made THE decision – yes, he was going to be baptized!  The Cheng parents then both started to attend Advent Church every week as long as they were able.  Mr. Cheng died on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2013 and his funeral was held in Advent Church a few weeks later (see that blog post here). Cheng Mama continued to come to Advent Church along with her family, until she became sick a few months ago.

Cheng Mama is lovingly remembered for the way she showed such great care and concern for all those in her family, and her friends, colleagues, classmates, church members and so many more.  Even when she couldn’t go out and meet them all, she would call up and keep in touch by phone.  Always smiling and giving thanks to God for his many blessings, she was a gift to us all.  One of her great friends was Tan Mama – this is the best photo I took of them both in Advent 2015, Cheng Mama on the right, Tan Mama on the left.

So we give thanks to Almighty God for Cheng Mama’s wonderful life and witness. We pray for her family and friends, and for us all, that the faith of those like Cheng Mama, who have gone before us, will continue to inspire and challenge us afresh.

May she rest in peace and rise in glory, Amen!

Advent Word, Day 14 ‘glow’

Day 14 #glow #光明 Sunday December 11, Third Sunday in Advent

‘As children of the light we have the opportunity to either squander God’s riches or to capitalize on them by being ministers of God’s light, life, and love for all people’.



Tamsui Church, Taiwan

Welcoming Nicky and Harriet to Taiwan ~ YES!

And not a dull moment since they arrived either ~ the two of them are just so hilarious, it’s non-stop entertainment all day long!

Harriet was here in Taiwan with her dad, Mike 2 years ago (see that blog post here) just after finishing her GCSE’s, and now she’s just done her A Levels and waiting for results, so hey, what a great opportunity to come back ‘n visit Taiwan!  And this time she’s come with her mum, Nicky ~ all the way from one of my great CMS link churches, St. John’s, Neville’s Cross, Durham, UK.

So we’ve been everywhere that’s anywhere since they arrived on Monday night, and tried every kind of famous drink and famous food available, all yummy deliciousness (just don’t mention the stinky tofu!) and especially a whole lot of noodles and dumplings.

Many of my good friends have very very kindly hosted meals and trips out, so wonderful, and a big thank you!

So we’ve been all round the Greater Taipei area ~ Tamsui, Baishawan Beach, National Palace Museum, Grand Hotel, Shilin Night Market, CKS Memorial, Becker Violin Shop …. at which point it was Thursday afternoon and Typhoon Nepartak announced its imminent arrival ~ so we stopped overnight at the diocesan office hostel in Taipei and Bishop Lai generously hosted us to meals and tea-drinking, while we watched the rain outside.  Taipei was spared the worst by far, but it was a typhoon-holiday so we were kinda grounded until the middle of the day….

Back home after the typhoon and a very special day yesterday with 4 of our very lovely students – by train to Shifen, famous for its waterfall, the broadest in Taiwan, and very full after all the rain from the typhoon.  And also to Jiufen, famous for, well, everything!  We had rain, rain and more rain, but y’know, it was such fun!

Today to Advent Church in the sun, but by the time we came home it was thundering and later raining.  We spent this evening visiting our great friends, the Tan family, and enjoying more delicious yumminess!

Yep, as you can see we’re having such a great time!

And tomorrow off on a little trip to see a bit more of this beautiful island ~ yippee!