Warmly welcomed by St. James, Taichung ~ as always!

A non-stop 3 days at St. James’ Church, Taichung – it’s always non-stop action!  Straight off the flight from Penghu, and in at the deep end!  Mike and Harriet, my always-ready-for-action visitors, spending the last few days of their trip visiting all my old friends and colleagues at St. James.  And what a great time we had!

An 8-course (or was it 9?) welcome dinner with Luanne and Samuel at ‘Tasty’, followed by a night city tour….

On Tuesday the weather was amazing, thanks be to God ~ and my good friends Jerry and Jean kindly took us to Sun Moon Lake for the day, including a visit to the Peacock Collection, walk around the lake, coffee at the famous temple-with-the-view (stunning views while Harriet shared her ppt about her family and Durham City life!), lunch and then a visit to the beautiful Paper Dome (Paper Church) where there was also a high school wind band performance…

And back to St. James in time for Tuesday evening’s Kindergarten Graduation, and what an event it was…. I even met 2 girls I had taught when they were 5-6, and now here they were attending their younger brothers and sisters graduation…. gosh time flies!

Note Harriet at the end of the evening….!

IMG_4989And so to Wednesday and Mike and Harriet’s last day in Taiwan…..

A birthday party for Lauren, one of our English teachers – at lunch time and lots of food kindly provided by my good friends!

And then to the Taichung Science Museum Greenhouse…

and so off into the sunset to the airport for a midnight flight home!

IMG_5027 IMG_5032

Goodbye Mike and Harriet, we’ve loved welcoming you, and come again soon!  And many thanks to all who gave of their time and energy to welcome us and treat us like kings and queens, your kindness truly appreciated!

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