Off to the UK!


Many thanks to Bishop and Lily Lai and all at Good Shepherd Kindergarten for kindly releasing me from this year’s 4-week English Bible Summer Camp….. 

Although my father is loving his new life in the clergy care home in southern England, my mother is still at home in northern England awaiting a room to become available at the same place ~ and needing a bit of help and encouragement….. 

So tomorrow I’m off to the UK for the summer ~ thanking God (and CMS!) that this is possible….

Hope to be back in Taiwan at the end of August ready to welcome the Episcopal Church House of Bishops Meeting in mid-September ~ YES! 

2 thoughts on “Off to the UK!”

  1. Welcome back to the old Homeland. Enjoy time with your dear Mum. We look forward to seeing you when you can fit us in. Where is Dad, on the South Coast ?

    Love & blessings, John & Sal.

  2. Dear Catherine,

    We are very happy for you to have a summer break back to the UK to be with
    your parents. Hope you are safely home now. Please give our best regards
    to your father and mother.

    We are in San Diego with our daughter, Joy, and her family. She is very
    pleased with our visit, and so are we. We know how happy your parents are
    to see you home. We will be in Southern California for about a month, and
    Charlotte will be busy teaching our granddaughter, Holly,more Chinese.

    Enjoy your summer time in England!

    All the best and God bless,

    Andy and Charlotte

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