Radlett and St. Albans ~ the heart of Herts!

Spending the weekend down south in Radlett, Herts visiting old family friends, Fred and Sheila, it’s quite a place – and they’re quite some friends, known ’em all m’life!

Got here yesterday Saturday, early afternoon just as the synagogue worship was finishing and everyone was streaming out onto the main street. Seems that in the 2011 census, 28.3% of the town identified themselves as Jewish…..  I even had time to check out Christ Church, Radlett which was having a fun day for Brownies…. well they all looked happy enough!

And this morning a few miles up the road to St. Albans for Sunday worship at St. Albans Cathedral (Abbey) which according to their website is “the oldest site of continuous Christian worship in Britain. It stands over the place where Alban, the first martyr, was buried after giving his life for his faith over 1700 years ago – more than 200 years before St Augustine arrived in Canterbury.” – that’s some history eh?!

We had Choral Eucharist, and well y’know, it was really quite something!

And y’know most English people are really quite camera-shy, but thankfully not Fred and Sheila, and here they are with family ‘n friends…. aren’t they just lovely?!

Thanks for a great weekend you guys ~ not just wonderful meals and great entertainment, but also a Choral Eucharist, Rotary Club Quiz and a rehearsal for the local operatic society…..

Amazing people – amazing place :0!

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