CMS Link Church Visit #1 ~ Sedbergh ~ YES!

My first official CMS Link Visit yesterday, starting at St. Andrew’s Church, Sedbergh, Cumbria ~ yippee!

The first of many link visits this Home Leave, a few before Christmas and many after….

Sedbergh is kind of my home base, so the visit is kind of spread out and kind of started unofficially in the summer when I happened in on a mission coffee morning in Sedbergh URC Church in aid of CMS… and then continued yesterday when I spoke at the main Sunday morning service, and to be continued further with a ppt and coffee event in a few weeks time….

Last time I was here, the church was in the Diocese of Bradford ~ now it’s moved to the Diocese of Carlisle, got a lovely new vicar too ~ and the church members still warmly remember the visit from Taiwan of Bishop David J. H. Lai and Lily, and Rev. Charles C. T. Chen and MaryJo in 2008 just before the Lambeth Conference, when Charles described Sedbergh as ‘paradise’ ~ yes indeed, paradise!

Ah yes, first the coffee morning photos….

And so to yesterday’s service….

Just wonderful people, the salt of the earth, truly!  Thank you everyone for your warm welcome, your prayers and your support, all much appreciated.  Paradise indeed!

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