Dentdale, Cumbria

The ‘Visit Cumbria’ website says that Dent is maybe the finest of the Cumbria dales, even though until 1970 it wasn’t even in Cumbria, but in the West Riding of Yorkshire. And like Sedbergh, it may be in Cumbria now, but it’s also in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.  Ah well, the best of all possible worlds!  Anyway, Dent is just over the hills from Sedbergh, so near in fact that I have only been there, well, once. Yes, just once. And even then, only to Dent Village.  Isn’t that just the way it often is?!

Dent is also famous as the birthplace of Adam Sedgwick (one of the founders of modern geology) and in the old days for its knitting, and for Dent Train Station, the highest in England – happens to be on the famous Settle-Carlisle Railway Line….

So today promised not to rain, which in dear old England is quite something, so off we went after church for a visit to the top of Dentdale, to Dent Station and down to the village of Dent…. even saw 2 trains at Dent Station, going in different directions of course, and arriving within 5 minutes of each other – the only 2 trains of the morning, I hasten to add!

Quite beautiful, even on a cloudy day!

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