Burford, Oxfordshire Cotswolds

And voted by Forbes Magazine as the 6th best place to live in Europe!

Ah, Burford, such a beautiful place, quaint country town, charming in every way!  And right in the Cotswolds too.  Had an hour to spend there on Thursday afternoon – and guess what? The parking’s free, the town’s small, the weather was good, and there’s lot to see.  There’s lots to buy too, but it’s not the cheapest place in the world, window shopping only!

The church was preparing for a concert at the weekend, but is clearly a lively place, both past and present, with a long history including in the Civil War in 1649 – check out the plaque on the church wall about the Burford Levellers, executed right there…..

Ah, Burford, such an elegant place – and where even the swans look elegant doing their daily clean-up!

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