St. Matthew’s and St. Luke’s Church, Darlington

One of my wonderful CMS Link Churches, St. Matthew’s and St. Luke’s Church in Brinkburn Road, Darlington, is now linked up with my home church in Heighington and has the same vicar, Lissa ~ so I was there last Sunday morning to share with them, and to thank everyone for their support….

Delighted to have my first experience of Cafe Church, it was wonderful. Such a blessing!

The congregation sits around circular tables at the back of the church and the style is informal – but still very much a service.  Just before my talk in the sermon slot, there’s a break to collect our breakfast – teas, coffees, muffins, and then enjoy them during the talk. The communion is shared around and the atmosphere’s beautiful, worshipful, relaxed and friendly.  Lots of families of all ages, lots of smiles and lots of great renewing of friendships established long ago!

Thank you St.Matthew’s and St. Luke’s for your support and care, and keep up the amazing ministry!

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